The Original Double Offset Segmented Ball Valve

Our Ball Valves are designed as a solution for critical service applications, combining the advantages of main critical service valve designs while eliminating their weakness or design limitations. This makes them ideal to meet the most stringent requirements in critical applications such as oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, mining, liquified natural gas (LNG).

Key features


  • Engineered for excellence in the most demanding services 

    • High cycle service 

    • Emergency shut down 

    • High solid and slurry media content 

    • High temperature 

    • Cryogenic

  • Fast closing/trip valve 

    • Corrosive media 

    • Control

  • Top entry for in-line maintenance



  • Top entry - Provides easy access to valve internals allowing for easy in line maintenance 

  • Double eccentric - Provides minimal rubbing between seating elements during travel, reducing torque, friction and wear and extending service life 

  • Quarter turn - Allows for simple and effective automation using common quarter turn gears, motors, pneumatic or hydraulic actuators 

  • Segmented ball - Allows for isolation or control from one single valve design with high Cv characteristics 

  • Full hard face coating - Tungsten or chromium carbide coating on both the inner and outer surfaces of the ball provide the most durable hard surface available, perfect for severe service applications

  • Field replaceable seat - Stellite or other hard face coating is both durable and field maintainable

  • Torque seated - Provides bi-directional tight shutoff

  • Simple design - Fewer parts mean lower operational costs and easier less frequent maintenance

  • Cavity free - Body over pressurization is completely impossible

Critical applications

  • Mol Sieves 

  • Refinery 

  • Slurry Service

  • Coal Gas 

  • Pulp & Paper 

  • ​​Oil Sands 

  • Mining 

  • Hydrocarbons

  • Liquified Natural Gas​​

Product specification & dimensions


ISO 9001


ASME B16.34

API 6D & 6A


Face to face

ANSI B16.10



API 598

ISO 5808

FCI 70-2 V and VI



ISO 10497 

API 607


Fugitive emissions

ISO 15848


1” to 40”



ASME 150 - 2500

API 2000 - 20000



Double flanged

Butt-weld ends

Clamped ends

Compact flanged

Special hub ends



Temperature range

196°C to +650°C

-321°F to +1200°F

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