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We are a leading provider of specialised valves for the oil, gas, chemical and petrochemical industries. Customers use our valves in the most severe service applications, where safety integrity and performance are critical. Our engineers have the skills and experience to advise on complex flow control issues.​​ Kontrol Vanası Eckardt Pozisyoner

Critical applications

  • Petrochemical
    Our valves are widely used in extreme temperature, pressure, corrosion and erosion petrochemical processes, including PTA, ethylene, oxides, salts, fatty acids, polypropylene and chlorine. Thanks to our unique springless design, PTA licensors have specified IMI Truflo Rona valves for their most severe applications. 


  • Oil & gas
    Our valves are used in on- and off-shore applications where critical isolation and control of hydrocarbons is necessary. High reliability and robustness makes our valves the product of choice for applications such as HIPPS, ESD, BDV, Riser and SSIV.


  • LNG carriers & terminals
    LNG (liquefied natural gas) and LPG (liquid propane gas) ships and terminals use our valves worldwide - over a third of the operating LNG fleet is equipped with IMI Truflo Rona valves. Our valves are engineered for continuous service and ease of maintenance. We offer full automated and control valves for ship-to-shore discharge and loading, with minimal manning and reliable operation at -164°C. 


  • High temperatures and erosive applications
    Applications at very high temperature (up to 850°) or processes handling slurries or abrasive powders, can be managed safely and efficiently thanks to the high-performance, metal-to-metal technology we employ in our range of ball, gate, globe and check valves.


  • Oxygen services
    Our oxygen valves, engineered to the highest safety specifications, are used by major producers of industrial gases worldwide. 






Key technologies

  • Ball Valves Trunnion mounted wedge seats design
    Our exclusive wedge seat design means our top entry trunnion mounted ball valves have self-adjusting seats, providing leak tight closure under all operating conditions and valve orientations. Our unique springless ball valve compensates automatically for changes caused by pressure, temperature and wear and is particularly well suited to applications where seat pockets are weak points, and slurries or trapped debris could require premature maintenance. The valves are designed to allow fast, easy, in-line service for safe and rapid maintenance. 


  • C Ball Valves Trunnion mounted double eccentric: C-Rex
    Our C-Rex top entry segment ball valves are based on our proprietary double eccentric design. C-Rex non-rubbing, torque-seated valves offer mechanical sealing, guaranteeing superior performance in extreme applications. The unique and renewable seat is easy to remove for maintenance, making these valves ideal for applications that combine high frequency operation with the presence of solids that would otherwise lead to a premature wearing of the sealing elements. ​​​​

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