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Diaphragm Valve

Diaphragm valves are worldwide known for their benefits in providing long lasting cost effective solutions for a wide range of corrosive and abrasive fluids..

Available with manual or pneumatic actuators, as Weir or Straight Through type, in variety of body materials, lining, coatings and diaphragm grades. Diaphragm valves provides also a unique bonnet design with over closure protection system that helps prolong the diaphragm life cycle.

Weir Type Valve

  • Control or throttling of the service is required

  • Capable of handling higher temperature/corrosive services due to the use of
    PTFE diaphragm

  • Self-draining to avoid product build up or contamination

  • Vacuum services

  • Longer diaphragm lifetime results in lower maintenance requirements.

  • Lower torque is required to close the valve


Straight Through Type Valve

  • Straight through type valves are recommended when dense fluids or slurries are present in the service, if the percentage of solids is greater than 10-15% it is generally preferable to use a straight through valve. This is dependent however, on the particle size profile, shape and all other process conditions – check with your local Kim distributor for specific information

  • Use when minimal pressure drop is required

  • "Rodding" or "pigging" the line is necessary

  • Diaphragm and bonnet design ensure that diaphragm is removed from flow
    path in the open position

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